Admission 상단 이미지
Application Materials
Document Requirement
01 The filled-out application Form or a printout of internet application.
02 A copy of high school diploma(s)/certificate(s) of graduation. A certificate of scheduled high school graduation if not yet graduated. Applicants who are currently attending high school must submit a copy of diploma before they enter the college, or admission will be denied.
Official Transcripts for the Student’s Entire High School Course Work
- Can be substituted with a school activity record including grades
04 A copy of applicant's and his/her parents' passports or identification cards. (International applicants must submit legal documentation that verifies applicants' family relationship such as a birth certificate)
05 For Korean descendants with non-Korean citizenship, a copy of parents' Korean family tree register and confirmation certificate for renunciation of Korean citizenship.
06 For Non-Korean applicants residing in Korea, 'Certificate of the relationship between the applicant and his/ her parents' issued by government agencies (Examples: Birth Certificate, Family register and so on.) If his/ her parents are residing in Korea, a copy of applicant's parents' alien registration card.
07 Personal statement written in English (in the form attached) Download WORD   Download PDF
08 Recommendation letter (in the form attached) Download WORD   Download PDF
09 School Performance Record (in the form attached) Download WORD   Download PDF
10 Foreign School Attendance Record (in the form attached) Download WORD   Download PDF
11 For applicants from academic systems based on less than 12 years (primary and secondary education combined), certificates of primary and middle school completion.
12 Supplementary Document Forms (in the form attached) Download WORD   Download PDF
13 Consent Document Forms (in the form attached) Download WORD   Download PDF
14 Request Document Forms (in the form attached) Download WORD   Download PDF
Supplementary Documents
01 Official test scores of High School Graduation Exams or University Entrance Exams that can verify academic performance such as SAT, ACT, GCE-A LEVEL, IB, AP, etc.
Other documents that can certify extra-curricular activities from high school.
- Documents confirming activities recorded on the official transcript are not required for submission.
- Honors, awards, and qualifications which are not recorded on the transcript should be filed with "List of Supplementary Documents" in the form attached. If available, provide copies with a seal affixed by your high school.
03 For non-native speakers of English, official English scores such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, TEPS etc..
01 All documents submitted for admission must be original. If original documents cannot be submitted, a copy of the original should be submitted with a seal affixed by the issuing institution or by the Office of Admissions.
02 All documents submitted must be either in English or in Korean. Documents in any other languages must have a notarized translation attached to it.
03 If you have attended junior high school or high school in Korea for any period of time, you must provide an official copy of your Korean Transcript.