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Extracurricular Opportunities
The EIC Extracurricular Opportunities
Overseas field trips
Students can obtain first-hand knowledge of East Asia through the FreshmanOverseas Workshop to
East Asian countries, offered before start of the academic year, and yearly fieldtrips to China, Japan,
and Russia during the sophomore years. Expenses are covered by the EIC.
International Student Forum
Students are encouraged to participate in the annual International Student Forum hosted by the EIC.The
Forum provides undergraduate students with a valuable opportunity to exchange views on East Asian
development with their counterparts in China and Japan. Key partners include the Center for East Asian
Studies (CEAS) at Chinese University of Hong Kong and the School of International Liberal Studies
(SILS) at Waseda University.
Journal publication
EIC students publish an English-language magazine, The Yonsei Eagles, twice a year. It covers the
current trends and topics in East Asian economics, politics, business and culture, as well as student life
in Wonju. Students are well-trained as prospective editors and reporters for journals and newspapers.
International student exchange program
Students are strongly encouraged to spend a semester or a year abroad during their junior or senior
year.Tuition is paid directly to Yonsei University. Airfare is reimbursed by the EIC,fully for the East Asia
region and partially for other regions of the world.