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Programs and Requirements
Degree and Fields of Study
· The EIC program offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies.
· It has two fields of study, East Asian Politics and Culture and East Asian Economy and Business.
· EIC students are required to take one of the two fields as their primary field and the other as their secondary field.
Choosing the Primary Field of Study
· By the end of the first semester of the sophomore year, students can make a preliminary decision regarding their choice of primary fields.
· Students will be expected to make a final decision regarding their primary field in the first semester of the senior year.
Credits Required for Completion of Degree
Credit Requirement
· A maximum of 18 credits is allowed per semester.
· Graduation requires the completion of a minimum of 126 credits.
Types of Credits Required
· Common Basics(28 credits) + Requisite General Educations (27 credits) = a total of 55 credits
· Required Major Courses + Elective Major Courses = a minimum of 57 credits (19 courses)
Single Major Track
· Primary field : 39 credits (13 courses, including all core courses)
· Secondary field : 18 credits (6 courses, including any 3 core courses)
Double Major Track
· First Major (EIC) :
36 credits (12 courses, including 8 courses in the primary field including all core courses plus 4 courses in the secondary field including any 2 core courses)
· Second Major (UIC) : 36 credits (12 courses, following the UIC rules)
· The remaining credits can be taken in courses offered by departments other than the EIC and taught in English.
· Taking courses taught in a language other than English requires approval from dean of the EIC.
Requirements of Foreign Language and Computer Skills
· Graduation requires the fulfillment of a certain level (Level 3) of computer skills as specified in the campus bulletin.
· EIC students are also required to attain a certain level of proficiency in an East Asian or other language of their choice by submitting their test scores of Chinese New Chinese HSK (Level 5) or HSK Speaking Proficiency Test (Level Intermediate), Japanese JPT (600), Russian TORFL (Level 1) or FLEX (800, 2C for each part), Korean TOPIK ( Level 5, international students only), etc.
Curriculum Outline
· Freshmen start their first semester with liberal arts and methodology education and study Introduction to Social Science in their second semester. Students will begin to take common courses including English Writing Tutorial, World History, World Philosophy, World Literature, East Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, or Russian, and Introduction to Social Sciences.
· In their sophomore year, students will take begin to take East Asian overview courses in Politics, Economics, International Relations, Business, and Culture
· Beginning with the junior year, the curriculum centers around major-related courses: East Asian Politics and Culture, and East Asian Economy and Business.
Eligibility for the Courses
· The three types of EIC Core courses such as Common Basics, Requisite General Educations, and Required major courses are taken only by EIC students and international students of the Global Village.
· The rest of EIC courses are open to students from other departments.
Extra Curricular Opportunities
Language training
Training in languages of the East Asian region, such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Korean (international students only) is offered through the junior year. Intermediate level proficiency is required for graduation.
Overseas field trips
Students are flown to other countries to gain first-hand knowledge of East Asia through the "Freshman Overseas Workshops", offered before the entering freshmen begin their first academic year, and yearly "Field Trips" during the freshman and sophomore years, provided so that students may practice their East Asian languages while developing skills in field work abroad.
The international student exchange program
Students may elect to spend a semester or a year abroad during their junior or senior year. Tuition is paid directly to Yonsei University.
Changing Majors
From EIC to the other departments
Changing majors to the other department is operated by school regulation.
From the other departments to the EIC
· Freshmen can apply to change their majors to the EIC only once, in their second semester. If accepted, they will become EIC sophomore students in their second year.
· A maximum of 10 students are accepted as EIC students per year from other departments through the review process of their English proficiency test scores (20%), GPA (30%) and an interview (50%).
· Students who change their majors are required to take the freshman courses below. However, if students take similar courses before changing their majors, they can be exempted after consideration.
· English Writing Tutorial Ⅰ,Ⅱ
· East Asian Language Ⅰ,Ⅱ
· Methodology courses (any one)
· Introduction to Social Science (any one)
Applying for a Waiver of the Course Requirements for international freshman
· Newly entering or trasferring students who have passed English writing courses at the college level may apply for a waiver of the required courses of English Writing Tutorial I, II. If their applications are accepted, they can take other courses than English Writing Tutorial I, II for the corresponding credits.
· Newly entering or transferring students who have attained a certain level of proficiency in an East Asian language of their choice may take the higher level language course than the basic one. If they pass the course with the course grade of B- or higher, they can take other courses than the lower level language courses for the corresponding credits.