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Message from the Dean
Welcome to the EIC

EastAsia International College (EIC), founded in 2008 as a special program to develop professionals to play leading roles in the global era of the 21st century, has become a leading center for teaching and research on East Asia. Offering undergraduate courses exclusively in English, EIC has two major tracks of study – 1) East Asian Politics and Culture and 2) East Asian Economy and Business. During their first two years, students take basic courses in humanities and social sciences, while taking courses in their major fields intensively in their third- and fourth-year. Students are also trained in East Asian languages of Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Korean, and are active in studying abroad by participating in Yonsei University’s exchange programs.
Overall, through EIC’s distinctive educational approach that emphasizes the combination of analytical skills and substantive knowledge of the world’s most important region, students can successfully prepare for their future careers in public, nonprofit, and private sectors in East Asia.

EIC students are a diverse group of undergraduates, most of whom have lived and studied overseas for extended periods. They are open-minded both to Korean and non-Korean cultures, and are fluent in English, Korean, and other languages. Adding to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of EIC is its professors, who are mostly from foreign countries. While conducting world-leading research and producing knowledge that can inspire new changes in East Asian society, politics, business, etc., they are determined to educate students as future leaders of East Asia.

Come join us at EIC. Here you will find the warm atmosphere of a small-size college with the sophisticated charm of the greater Yonsei University and its Wonju Campus, rushing head-on to the global world of the 21st century.


Hyun-ho Joo, Ph.D.
EastAsia International College