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The EIC Advantage
The EIC Advantage
A sense of direction
The EIC offers many courses that are systematically coordinated for focused studies of the East Asian region, which extends beyond China, Japan and Korea to neighboring areas such as Far Eastern Russia and South East Asia.
Emphasis on interdisciplinary studies
The EIC offers two fields of study: East Asian Politics and Culture, and East Asian Economy and Business. All students are given a choice of their primary field of study but are required to take basic courses in other areas, in order to develop a broad understanding of East Asia.
On-site learning
During the course of study, abundant opportunities are provided for learning outside the classroom. Field trips and other study abroad experiences are organized and supported by the college.
An international outlook
All courses are offered in English, the language of international communication, and the majority of the faculty are from countries other than Korea. The EIC provides an educational environment which is designed to attract the best students from Korea and abroad.
The Competitive Advantage of EIC Graduates
Students will graduate with superior English language skills, gained through the study of all subjects in English in an international environment. All graduates will have intermediate or higher proficiency in a language of the East Asian region: Chinese, Japanese, Russian or Korean.

The program equips students with an understanding of the basic theoretical framework for the study of politics and economics, in addition to developing a budding specialist’s knowledge of the politics, economics, culture, society and business environment of East Asia.

Graduates will have many opportunities for advancement. They will be prepared for positions in businesses related to East Asia at home and abroad, as well as positions in governmental and non-governmental organizations. Students will also be prepared for graduate study in politics, economics, and other fields, or further study in business school or law school.